Bad day!

I have had a terrible horrible day! Arrgh. I am ready for tomorrow! Here's a minor excerpt from my bad day....

I go to Wal Mart with kids. I go to get my cell phone and I drop it in a McD's cup. With Scotty's spit in it. I didn't even realize it was in my car. I hate that he dips. I think it is so disgusting. Yuck. So now my cell phone is drowning in stinky brown saliva, and I stick my hands in there to get it, and I spill it on me. So now my cell phone doesnt work and I smell like s&*%. I am so mad at him for leaving it in my car. But he thinks it's my fault for dropping it in his cup. Please let me make it through the rest of this day!!!!!!!!

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Becca said...

Oh no!! Sorry about your cell phone!! :(

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."