Tatouage and Wall Art..

I have been remodeling and painting lately. And I am so tired of painting. I had this brilliant idea to paint circles on my sons' walls and then I was tired of painting, so I gave up. But I still wanted the circles. My aunt told me about Tatouage, and I figured I would check it out. So I have discovered a new form of wall art. I researched it alot and I found the best deals on Ebay. But the new form of wall art is not like wall stickers or decals, they are permanent. Target also has wall transfers and some pretty cool decals. There are also wall quotes, which I have ordered off of Ebay, but haven't used yet. I just love that you can do a whole kids' room and look like you worked really hard but it is super easy and it looks like you really painted. Anyways, I was wanting to take a picture of my circles but my camera isn't working. Check out www.houseoftatouage.com and www.ebay.com and search tatouage. I will post pics later. I am planning on putting some paisley prints in brown in my lime bathroom. Check back. :)

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cr said...

Take a look at Wall Dressed Up, also a rub on wall transfer. A little more expensive, but the artwork looks very detailed.

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