Deceptively Delicious

Awhile back, I watched Jessica Seinfeld on Oprah and thought she was genius in the way she got her munchkins to eat their veggies. Anyways, I saw it again today and thought I would try it. I went to www.Oprah.com and got a couple of recipes. I wanted to try the chicken nuggets with the broccoli puree. It didnt take very long to make, and they were really good. I just ordered the book. I really have a hard time getting my kids to eat their veggies and I have dumped veggies in their mac n cheese and added veggies to stuff, but haven't ever thought about adding puree. For those of you who dont know, her recipes each include a pureed veggie such as pureed cauliflower in mashed taters or butternut squash in mac n cheese. It's genius cause the kids dont realize its there. The trick really is though, to make sure you still offer a veggie with whatever it is you made. That way kids dont think they dont have to eat their veggies. Anyways, she's a genius! Im laughing inside thinking my kiddos are gonna eat squash in their mac n cheese and never know it! :) Check out her website. www.deceptivelydelicious.com

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