Last Day

Today is my last day in Tennessee. I am an emotional wreck....I hate leaving here. I love it here....I think the anxiety of not knowing what the future holds makes me nervous. My kids love their current school (they go to an EXCELLENT school) and now they are going to a very small school and that makes me so nervous. Especially for Caden, since he has Aspergers and has a hard time adjusting anyways. I am going to miss alot of the things I take for granted here in the city....I am going to miss the malls and restaurants, and the diversity of people here. I mean, I am going to TImbuktu people! I am trying to look straight ahead and think positive. I just am really going to miss all my friends here. The things I am going to miss the most are: Megan and Kira, Tairra (my fave workout buddy!), my hairdresser, Grant because he motivates me to push myself more in the gym, (he's a pretty good trainer!), the gym and the 2 hours I spend there a day with Tairra..(ok, I am getting teary eyed!) I am going to miss some of my fave restaurants that I can't go to in Arkansas...like Mellow Mushroom and Toots.., oh, and the wonderful city parks we have here... :( Ok, I am going to quit rambling. I am going to miss all you people so much!

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"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."