Caden's Birthday

Caden turned 7 on Thurs. We had a party @ Party Central, the inflatable funhouse. I invited his whole class, knowing they wouldn't all come, but hoping at least a few would show. We had 6 come, plus 4 cousins...anyhow, so all the parents stayed except for one. She dropped her son off, and left. He was fine in the beginning, but I began to think he was trouble after he told me "to move my big fat butt"..my kids are no angels, trust me, but they would never say that to me. So we play for an hour in the bouncy part, then it's off to eat cake. After the kids are all seated, the little boy starts screaming at the top of his lungs. He jumps on the tables, knocking chairs down..I convinced him to sit. We light Caden's candles and the kid blows them out, Caden starts crying and the kid does it three times. My family was mortified, as were the other parents. We get him moved long enough for Caden to blow out his own candles. He eats his cake, then the kid starts tearing off the tablecloth. He ripped it to shreds, we are all trying to stop him, but he kicked and screamed. He tried to escape the building...the other parents and kids are all leaving because of this kid's behavior and one of them complained to the owner of the facility and so he called the kids mom and told her to come get her kid ASAP. I felt so bad for Caden. He was so frustrated. We will never ever forget this birthday.

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Courtney said...

omg!! That is awful!! So who was this heathern!!!! Caden is in Carson's class right? I have a few ideas who it might have been but I am nosy... :) I am sorry his birthday was awful.

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