Crab legs, Cupcakes, and flipflops.

I don't have time to blog much, but I am going to try harder to do it everyday. Anyhow, today is the princess' Bday, so it's a pinkalicious day around here! She is 6 today. I took cupcakes to her class today and she was thrilled. When I ordered her cake, I asked them if they could make some cupcakes to pick up for school. (Her party is not till Sat.) She picked out a tiara for her cake. (Imagine.) Also, she had asked me to make her a new pair of "scrappy flip flops" so I did today while she was at school today. She was so happy. She will not get her presents until her party. She has asked for a new bike, a daybed, and a trampoline. We shall see! We get cakes from Nana's Bakery in Benton. So if you live in Benton, check it out. It's in Lincoln Square.

Here she is eating her pink/purple polka dot cupcake.

Here are her pink flipflops I made her.

And the Bday princess Ta da!

Ok, and so I thought this was so cute. Scotty and I took the kids to eat @ Red Lobster when I was in Nashville last week and we asked the kids what they wanted to eat, and Caden said he wanted crab legs. But he never had them, and I was scared he wouldn't eat them but Daddy said he could have them. I was annoyed cause they were $9.00 on the kids menu. And three kids and a recession, I feel guilty letting my kid order crab legs. So he got them and LOVED them. He scraped those suckers clean! It was so cute so I broke out the camera!

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