An old Post.

I got this off of my old blog. I wrote this when Laiken was three so it's hard to believe she is 6. But anyhow.

A Childs innocence is the sweetest thing in the world. From the moment you bring your child into the world you feel love that you have never felt before. The kind of love that never fades. The kind where your heart melts at every pucker of their little lips, every sound they make, the gasy face, the I am hungry cry. They start to annoy you some when they start walking, they get into all your stuff, color on furniture, break stuff, play in the potty, etc..but somewhere between all the bad stuff they do still lies the sweet innocence that only a child possesses. And its so so sweet when they tell you they are sorry and they love you when they've done something wrong. Even if you're still mad. The innocence can only last so long. It goes away as they get older so you have to cherish it while they are little because time flies. You cannot go back and repair damage done to a child, you can always say I wish I spent more time with my kids then, but you cant make them little again. My oldest is almost 5 years old and time has flown by. Live for the small stuff, laugh as much as possible and surround them with love and laughter. They are the greatest gifts God will ever give you. Last night my 3 year old daughter was in a deep sleep on the living room floor and I was laying on the couch and she rolled over got up and came and kissed me on the forehead. I asked her what she was doing and she said she had a dream to kiss me. Then she went and laid back down. I live for those moments. The moments that make me happy in this sad mean world.

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"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."