Movie Contest!

I got an idea!!! I was thinking (not often, i know) and I decided I should give away 3 of my Red Box movies! So if ya want one, leave me a comment and tell me which one ya want and maybe I will draw your name! You got three chances...And no, not all 12 are up for grabs. (A couple I wanna keep!) and alot of them are movies hubbby watched and I didn't. So here's what ya got to choose from:
Journey to the center of the Earth
National Treasure 2
Disaster Movie
Nights in Rodanthe
Secret Life of Bees
The Contract
The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emporer


Courtney said...

ooohhhh...NIGHTS IN RODANTHE....Nicholas Sparks is my fave author of all time and this movie was fantastic!! :) I cannot believe you wouldn't want to keep this!!

Anonymous said...

Secret Life of Bees..I haven't seen this and want to try it.


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