My kiddos

Since I feel like I have been complaining too much, I want to let ya'll know...I really am blessed with beautiful, amazing kids. They do whine too much and are a little spoiled, but I want to make sure they know I love them more than anything. I just wanted to say a few good things about my babies.


Caden is 7. He is so super smart. He can fix things and take things apart. He can fix the TV if I can't. He loves broccoli and celery. He adores chocolate. He is an awesome baseball player. He thinks I am beautiful. He loves to run. His blue eyes melt my heart. I love his freckles on his nose. He won't take a bath without his monkey towel, even though he is getting too big. He thinks he is so much more grown up than his brother and sister. I am so proud of him.


My Laiken Bacon is my lil princess. She does amazingly well at school. She never gets in trouble or whines at school. She is a little diva...She has a big heart, loves animals and wants to give all her toys away to those who don't have them. She loves to sing and dance. She loves to go out to eat...she loves her fine dining! She cleans her room when I ask, or I mean shoves her toys in her closet...she loves sweet tea like crazy. She is not very athletic, but is trying to play softball and I am so proud of her for trying. I love my only little girl soooooo much.


My baby. He is so precious to me. He is spoiled rotten. He is the cutest thing, it is so hard to stay mad at him. He lives off of pancakes. He wants pancakes all the time. (He loves IHOP). He loves caffeine free root beer. He loves him some fruit snacks. He is so sweet and loving. He tells me all the time how much he loves me. He loes to kiss my "special places" (my nose, head, cheeks, eyes). He has the cutest voice, it is so husky and deep and country. He loves motorcycles and dirtbikes. He is so cute in his first year of baseball. I think he is gonna play football, though. He loves to tackle. He has the best hugs ever.

I thank God so much for these precious babies. I adore them. Even though I am a little stressed out, they are so amazing and I need to smell the roses!

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Allison said...

oh, it's ok to complain!Sometimes life just sucks!! Your kiddos are adorable!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."