My husband Rocks

Ok, well since today my husband is the BIG 30, I thought I would do a my husband rocks post! I got the idea fromNic. Let me just say my husband is amazing for putting up with me! Putting up with me is a full time job, LOL. And because I don't always put up the laundry, Ha! Anyways, he works very hard for us so that we can have everything we need. He gives me and the kids most everything we want. He rarely tells me no, but will tell me if I am being unreasonable. He tells me when I overreact. He reminds me quite often (as I do him, too? Would Jesus do that? He tries to keep my shopping to a minimum, but still gives me spending money each week. He works a job that is very demanding and keeps him traveling to provide for us. He loves his kids madly. He plays in the floor with them, and has painted Laiken's fingernails and dried her hair. (I love that!) He has two little boys that dress up in camo to be just like their daddy. He always smells good, and gives the best hugs. He wipes my tears away when I am sad. He is so very supportive in wanting to adopt. I could have never been able to begin this process if he weren't on board, and not just on board, but excited and wanting this very badly too. So, today on your Bday know that I love you and you really do rock!


Nic said...

So glad you joined in!!

Anonymous said...

Aw how sweet!!!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."