A day at the park

Today we slept till >9:30! Then we got up and headed off to the park. We stopped by Chick Fil A for lunch on the way. Today was one of those days (that rarely happen) when I didn't fix my hair or put on any makeup. I slathered the kids up in SPF 70 and we chilled in the sandbox. Caden is not feeling well, I dont know what is wrong but he is just exhausted. And moody. He laid on the picnic table in the shade most of the time we were there. I am hoping it's just his age and he gets over it soon. After we left the park we went to my most favorite place ever...TROPICAL SNO!!!! I love it so much. I usually alternate between Sweet Tart and Strawerry Colada. What flavor shaved ice do you like the best? THe kids love it, too. My mom took me there every day it was open during the summer as a kid. Some days it is my lunch. :) I took a few pics until my camera battery died and had to put it away.
Laiken digging in the sand...I am really digging her new Wal-Mart dress!

Camden making a "turtle" in the sandbox

Mr. Caden climbing the rock wall. He has renamed himself Scotty Joe. Haha.

Don't you just love the back of her dress?

I mean, a girl can dream that she is digging her toes in nice white sand on a tropical beach. Really, I almost forgot that I was sitting in a dirty sandbox. Ha!

We are getting ready to go to Laiken's ballgame and the kids are all hot and tired and not wanting to go anywhere. I am actually almost tired of ball season...


Allison said...

1) I LOVE Chik fil a!

2) Pina colada is my favorite tropical sno flavor.

3.) Laken's dress does look cute!

4)It looks like a fun day!

(Like my numbered comments, ha?)

blessedmomto7 said...

LOVE strawberry/lime shaved ice ;) Oh, I'm dreaming of white sand too!

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