Nothing interesting to write. I am sick, have a fever and feel like poop. I won't go into too much detail (I will spare you) but I have a uterine and a cervical infection. It has been making me miserable. I was hospitilized back in October and have been dealing with this for a couple of years. It is believed to be because of my Mirena IUD. (At least, I believe that.) It has broken and is perforated the side of my uterus. As most of you probably know, I don't have time to be sick. I feel like someone is stabbing me with daggers. Soooo...tomorrow they are going to try and get the thing out in the office. The reason I haven't done it is because they think they will have to surgically remove it, and I didn't like that idea. My legs hurt, I can't walk, and I am so uncomfortable.

My little Camden has a bad case of impetigo he caught from his brother and his face looks terrible. I know he's miserable, too. We are both taking abx.

And for any of you out there thinking about getting a Mirena, think again. Research. Because I have had a miserable five years!!! Lastly please pray they can get it out and get this infection cleared up. The Flagyl makes me ill.


Nic said...

Yeah, I haven't heard good things about it. Good luck and I will say a prayer!

Mrs. Bismarck said...

get to feeling better doll. you just changed my mind about my birth control after this one comes out! prayers sent

btw, i changed my blog address, so follow me there!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."