Those Darn Ants!!!!

I am getting itchy writing this. Last night, I got a little hungry at about midnight and I went into the kitchen to make a snack and I was leaning over the counter and I started feeling itchy and I looked down and saw there were ants crawling all over me. My hands, my shirt...they were all over my countertops. I HATE ants. They make me feel so icky! I cannot stand to see them in my house. We have had problems in the past with them, but this year they seem so bad! I didn't notice them on the counter because they kinda blended in with the back granite. I had to blog about this because hubby is sitting over here in the recliner, sratching. He just had one crawing on his leg. I am now convinced they are in all our food. A couple of weeks ago, I had a HUGE gnat problem. I had to pour bleach down my drains and set out vinegar traps. I finally got rid of those, and now I get ants in their place.

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Nic said...

I hate ants too! The nasty little suckers!

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