Yesterday morning, my dad's wife, Sharon called and invited me to go to a broker's open with her. I was kind of leary taking three slightly borderline WILD children into expensive homes.(She said it would be fine to bring them!) That could be a potential nightmare. But there were three broker's opens scheduled with lunch and dessert all on the same street. These homes were all historic, which I LOVE. They were all upwards in price...way more than I would ever pay, but I love to look at old homes. So off we went to Little Rock to go look. The homes were AMAZING. I'm talking gorgeous tile fireplacs, 12 foot ceilings, grand staircases, thick moldings, charming to die for kitchens, exposed brick, transoms above the windows, stained glass....Sharon had never been to this part of Little Rock(She's from Cali) and I had pre warned her it gets kind of rough over there....If I was going to pay that much for an amazing home, it sure would not be there. But I loved looking. The kids got free lunch and dessert. I am sure we were the listing agent's nightmare. We pretended I was a potential buyer for her. The kids were good for the most part, they have looked at many houses over their short lives and have been to many open houses, so they are kind of used to house touring. The kids took full advantage of the free sandwiches and dessert. All in all, they were pretty good. The last one we went to had an estate sell going on. Everything was for sale. I fell in love with two reupholstered leopard chairs. They were in their formal dining room and she wanted $125 apiece for them. We tried to talk her down, and she woudn't come off the price, but after I talked with Scotty, he agreed to let me buy them. They will be perfect in the dining room. I also scored a hand painted fish bowl sink from Mexico to put in the kid's bathroom. I really love it, but Scotty said it was tacky. I tried to post a pic, but blogger won't let me upload it.

Addendum: Ok, so this was from last Thursday and I have had no internet since then. (AGAIN.) I am getting so irritated.

So, it's now Monday and I hope everyone had a fabulous day!

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Ashley Ederington said...

oh i love looking at old houses. sometimes it is fun to be a "potential" buyer to get decorating ideas from the rich.

you can always take their expensive stuff and find cheaper versions.

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