Well, my Dr. got the thing out without surgery!!! My mom was sitting in the corner, praying! (She went with me because she wouldn't let me drive!) I am feeling some better. I still have an on and off fever. I am just glad my husband is at home to take care of me and the kiddos. I missed them. They gave me Stadol at the hospital and it made me completely loopy and dropped my BP and essentially I just ended up with a hige headache. The Gyn said he does not like to use IUD's, so really after the five years I've had, I would never do it again or recommend it. I will leave you with a couple of precious pics of my babies. I have just ralized how much they have grown in the last year, so I am posting some older pics. Nothing else to blog about.:)

This one of Lai is from last Sep. She was watching a movie and I thought she looked so sweet.

Me and Cade after his Taekwondo. I think this was last October.

This is Cam on his 4th Bday. I can't believe he is almost 5!

Hope everyone had a fabulous day!

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Courtney said...

Praise the Lord!! I know that is a HUGE relief for you! I am glad everything is getting better! If you need me - HOLLAR! I am just down the road!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."