Who am I Wednesday?

Who am I? For those of you who don't know me, and I am sure that most who read my little blog know me, but anyhow...
Some random tidbits and facts about me. (in no particular order.)

1.My name is Ashley Jo. Or JoJo, as some call me. Or Mommy.
2.I am a sinner, saved by Grace.
3.I am a wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, friend, aunt, niece.
4.I am a lover of all things pink, preppy, and polka dotted.
5.I love monogrammed things. I think "A" is a theme in our home
6.I love dark paint. I hate white walls and tan. I like brown, gold and rich colors.
7.I like Hobby Lobby way too much. I go every week. I only buy what's on sale that week, though. Like on metalware week, I get some steals.
8.I have a toe for a thumb. Please don't laugh. Some people never notice, and some people look at it funny. To me, it looks normal. I always know the Korean people who do my nails are laughing at me because they giggle and pick up my thumb and show each other.
9.I have been in a Pepsi commercial
10.I can make my tongue into a flower like thing...
11.I am so super UNorganized. I am actually messy. I throw all my clothes in the floor. You people would be so shocked if you saw my closet. (It drives my husband nuts.)
12.I hate when people ring my doorbell. I DO NOT like unannounced visitors. It makes me so mad. I saw on another blog (Bless our Nest) she got a No soliciting sign. I am condsidering this. Is that rude?
13.I drive WAY too fast.
14.I love the Razorbacks. I am Hog crazy!
15.I am so proud to have been born in the South. I have Southern Pride!!
16.I love Sweet Tea and fresh Squeezed Lemonade.
17.I am addicted to Diet Coke.
18.I LOVE big hair. I do own Bumpits, however I can get my hair pretty big without one! I am a lover of the teasing comb. I love teased ponytails.
19.Bronzer is my best friend. I know, I probably use too much.
20.I love beauty products and I usually buy them for the packaging. I like Soap and Glory, Burt's Bees, and Boots. I love I love Carrots Body Butter, too.
21.I am pretty cheap, actually. I buy my kids play clothes at yard sales and at Savers.
22.I love footless tights.
23.I love big earrings and big cocktail rings.
24.I collect Tshirts. I really like vintage Tshirts. But I collect all Tshirts...I mean, you gotta be comfy when you sit at home with three kids!
25.I am a beauty school drop out.
26.I read a new book every couple of days.
27.I love gossip mags, but I quit buying them. I think they are a waste of money. These days, I am buying up Southern Living and Paula Deen. I subscribe to Racheal Ray.
28.Did I mention that Twilight was the stupidest movie I have ever seen and I thought the books were ridicuous? I am sorry to all you twilight lovers, I just don't get it. My mom loved the books, and she's almost 50. I guess there is just something wrong with me.
29.I LOVE big gas guzzling SUV's. The bigger, the better. I love Escalades, Hummers, Suburbans, Range Rovers....
30.I love Open Houses. I go at least one Sunday a month. I really love ginormous homes.
31.I am a very conservative southern mama.
32.I love reality TV.
33.I love to make other people happy. I love to make others smile.
34.I have had my heart broken. I mean stomped, crushed, and twisted. It took a very long time to overcome.
35.I really want plastic surgery badly. I haven't had any, but it's pretty common in my family. I think about it too much.
36.I have severe ADD. I don't take medicine anymore, but I could function alot better if I did.
37. I made straight A's in School until it came to math and it was always a C or D. I am DUMB when it comes to numbers. Just ask my husband. ;)
38.My mind is constantly thinking about decorating and cooking and shopping.
39.I have my hands full with three kids, but secretly really want another little girl. Her name would be Landry Kate or Lucy Claire. Which do you like? :)
40.I LOVE to cook and bake, and am VERY good at it, if I do say so myself. :)
41.I yell at my kids sometimes, but want to quit. I am praying about this. I am trying to stop myself before I do. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar did an article in Arkansas Living, and really made me think. By the way, I really love the Duggars.
42.I love Black nail polish.
43.I really love Chinese Food.
44.The neighbor kid just rang my doorbell and I think I might pull out my hair!!
45.I have a chihuahua named Princess Bella London (aka Bella) and she is two. I love her, but she gets on my nerves. (barking at the doorbell.)
46.I love fresh flowers. I really like orchids.
47.I am a grandpa's girl. He thinks I am beautiful. He says I looks like a movie star, haha. WHen I feel down I just go see him!
48.My parents divorced when I was 18 or 19. That was really super hard.
49.I am slightly high maintenance.
50.But, I really like to be outdoors and I like to hunt.

Ok, that's enough about me! I am feeling much better today and the kids and I went to Little Rock and did a little shopping. Now we are about to do a little cleaning.
Hope everyone out there has a spectacular Wednesday!


Nic said...

Ok..So I don't think we can be blog friends anymore...you really hated Twilight...really?! But since you Love diet Coke and Big hair I can forgive you...LOL! REally wanting to by some Bumpits and am a fan of plastic Surgery. I know a great Doc in the Big City!

Erica said...

Hey Hey! I live in Franklin now! I'm originally from AR...Greenbrier! I don't go to Nashville a ton but I love it when I do!

Mrs. Bismarck said...

1.me too
2.me too
7.me too
8.Really? how long? cause i never noticed it...
10.me too! you are officially the only other person i know who can do this!
12. OH I KNOW! i just don't answer the door. and no it isn't rude
14. me too
17. my husband calls it diet crack
18. i picked them up the other day at wal mart and hubs said no. i am going to get one tomorrow...
28.i didn't like it either
31. me too
49. me too and it is ok!
50. me too

we have a lot more in common than our names!

glad you are feeling better!

Allison said...

Well, we have a lot in common. Anytime, you want to get rid of those monogrammed A items, send them my way! I also wanted to try the bump its but I haven't yet. Hmm..what else - I don't like people to randomly come by either. I wonder what else we have in common. :)

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."