My blog is my outlet to write how I feel, and right now I feel crappy. I took Laiken to softball practice and when I was walking to my car, I felt blood dripping down my legs. (I am sorry, I know this is graphic.) The horrible cramping started and has not subsided. I just don't feel normal bleeding while I am pregnant. It's so scary. The bleeding is bad, but not to the point of hemorrhaging. My Dr. has told me not to call him unless I begin to bleed nonstop. I am a natural worrier, and this all just makes me worry more. I want this baby to continue to grow, and be healthy. I want this baby more than anything. I am going back in three weeks for a repeat ultrasound to make sure everything is still fine. I was so comforted yesterday after I saw the ultrasound, but now I am so nervous again. Will you guys please keep praying for me and this baby? I feel so comforted knowing I have people praying for me. I don't know why I can't stop crying.....this just is so upsetting to me. I know I am probably fine, but I worry alot and my husband told me to quit reading blogs. He said the stuff I read and cry about is making me worry more. I do, I pray so hard for people I don't even know. And alot of the stuff I read is so devastating, but I know so many people out there need to be lifted up in prayer. Scotty just told me to quit crying, it's in HIS hands and there is not a single thing I can do. I think I am going to go to bed and cuddle with Camden. He is so sweet. He loves his mama so much that it brings a tear to my eyes every time he tells me he loves me. And Laiken just told me that she doesn't feel good and she gets sick very easily. She has immunodeficincy problems and her white count stays low. I am so scared she is going to catch the flu. It is going around and right now. I think there are four swine flu cases at their school...she gets so miserable and sick I hope she is not getting sick. I am overly emotional so please forgive me for all this rambling..


Tiffany said...

Oh you poor dear. I am praying for you this morning. It is so hard not to worry about situations beyond our control. Know that God is holding you right now, and He loves that precious baby so much. Hope you find some peace and rest today. Praying for your little girl, too.

Courtney said...

I am here for you and you are in my prayers. I know Scotty is out most of the week and I know you don't sometimes like to ask for help, but please please please please know that if you need ANYTHING - even if it is just a freakin dr. pepper and jar of pickles when he is gone, all you need to do is call. I don't care if its 3:00 a.m. CALL ME. I am right down the road and I will be there in a second. :) **BIG HUGS**

Anonymous said...

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"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."