What I've been up to.

Excuse my self portrait, but here I am getting ready to go on a mission for pants for the boys. They love athletic/wind type pants, and I don't like spending a fortune so I hit up some resale stores and Savers today. They each got 5 pair and I spent less than $40 on all of them. Yea!! I would rather spend my money on church clothes and going to dinner type clothes, but the boys hate wearing jeans to school. Go Figure.

Our family has one less tooth. Caden lost his 2nd tooth. It seems kind of strange to me that he is almost eight and only lost two teeth. My other kids have no signs of loose teeth, either. Maybe our kids are just slow teeth losers...haha.
He sure is proud of this.

I have been doing lots of cooking, especially soups and chili. I make the best Chicken Chili EVER. Hands down. :) Laiken has been loving helping her mama in the kitchen. On Sat, Scotty took the boys to the woods to shoot their BB guns (Scary, I know) and she helped me cook and we turned up the music loud from the satellite and danced and cooked and sang.

I want to ask you guys if you can say a prayer for me. My grandpa just got diagnosed with prostate cancer. If you know me, you know he is SO important to me. I know prostate cancer is very common and treatable, so I am reassured by that. He still needs our prayers. It is a reminder to me that he is getting older, and it is bittersweet for me. I love that man.
(Please excuse this pic, I look very fat and greasy here. :( )

Right now, I am cuddled up with this little guy. We are watching Dora (but SHHHH, don't tell anyone) He is embarrassed for anyone to know he still likes Dora. So silly. :)
Always making the Silliest Faces.

I have also been working on house stuff, which is time consuming and stressful and that's why I decided a while back I was not going to blog about it really until it's all done. :-)

I am also contemplating on opening a business with a friend of mine in the near future. Do any of you own your own businesses and have any advice?? It's exciting and scary. I am not going to say too much, because I am scared it won't happen. I am praying about it. It's something I have always wanted to do.

Ok, so I am going to admit this. I bought about well, several pregnancy tests in case I may or may not need them. Well in the past I have just gone and bought the cheapest one. I decided to research the best and earliest most accurate predictor. I had NO idea they had websites dedicated to that stuff....I stumbled upon www.peeonastick.com and got a good laugh out of it. I never knew people stressed so much about pregnancy tests. I guess when you are trying to concieve, and tracking your cycle carefully, those sticks become your friend or enemy.

Ok, that's all for now!! Have a happy Monday!!


Heather said...

I think you look cute in your self-portrait! I spent a small fortune on pregnancy tests when I was trying to have AK- Seriously, I was OUT OF CONTROL. At one point I wished they sold them by the case!!!! :) I didn't know about that website, though!

Natalie said...

I need your chicken chili recipe immediately! I absolutely love it, but have never made it at home. You look cute in all your pics, you are too funny!

Traci said...

I stumbled onto your blog from Natalie's. You are adorable! I will be praying for your grandpa- mine had prostate cancer as well.

I will be so excited if you post that recipe! :)

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