Scotty Update

It seems like a lifetime ago that Scotty was in the hospital. It seems like such a blur. That month I spent there became such routine and began to be our normal, and I pray we don't have to do it again.

All of Scotty's test results are pretty conclusive now and he does not have lymphoma, but he does have lupus. I have known lots of people with lupus, and working in the medical field have had several lupus patients. But I NEVER dreamed the damage it can cause to your body. Some people never experience this, but it just hit Scotty one day and his body was about to give out. When he was first hospitilized, I didn't realize he was SO sick until after his thoracotomy (lung surgery). He was put into ICU after that and on a ventilator. It was so scary. I was really scared when he had to have the fluid drained off of his heart. Another ventilator and a temp of almost 105. It was scary. I really knew, felt it, that he was going to die after we came back to the hospital with a massive pulmonary embolism. He was SO sick. I could see on the DR's faces, the look of he's not going to make it. I can remember pleading with God, feeling so sick and desperate. But God chose to save him and I am so thankful.

He still has sick lungs and heart, but better. He has a hard time breathing and gets out of breath easily. Sometimes lupus causes pleurisy and fluid in the lungs. He doesnt have good lung function. He is doing very well mentally and in great spirits. He has a good attitude about the future. He has antiphosphilipid syndrome, which causes clotting. He is on two injections daily of blood thinner, plus pills. He has a filter in his vena cava to stop clots in his leg from going to his lungs again. Basically the antibodies in his body are attacking his organs. He is on steroids, which have caused somewhat of a moonface. He has lost a whole bunch of muscle tone, and his body looks different. He is also on plaquenil, which is causing him to lose hair. BUT, he's alive. We are going to the rhuematologist and pulmonologist next Monday for some testing and to check his lungs. I will update more after then.

So, the hardest part for him is not working. He likes to be busy, he is a very hyperactive nonstop type of person. Plus, it is straining our finances. We have completely drained our savings and my paycheck doesnt even cover our mortgage. It is very stressful on both of us, but he's ALIVE. Thank you, Jesus. We have applied for disability and hopefully he will get approved, although I know it is a stressful process. We will survive this. It is just VERY tight. I had an anonymous comment on my blog after I posted about being denied hospital assistance telling me "That's life. That's why people have insurance." It really hurt my feelings, not sure why...but we have always paid our bills and for our healthcare. And it was only recently we dropped our health insurance. Yes, we should have had it, but we didn't. And some anyonymous person had to point it out to me. (I disabled anonymous comments.)

I never dreamed my husband would become so sick at age 30. It wasn't part of MY plan. But my plans don't matter, only God's plan. And it was part of His plan to save him in the hospital when noone thought he would make it. Please continue to pray for us and for his health. I love you, Scotty!!


Nic said...

You know..I can't understand why people feel the need to be rude and mean. It blows my mind. Glad Scotty is doing better!

Maybe if he gets disability y'all can apply at Baptist for assistance?

Allison said...

Oh Ash, I'm glad he's out and made it through. You all may have a tough road ahead, but it won't matter as long as you are both together.

I'm so sorry about the rude comment. I've heard a lot of rude things too lately.

Anonymous said...

anonymous = coward, just saying :)

remember if you pay $10 a month they won't send you to collection or report bad on your credit scores, so don't stress too much.

glad scotty is doing ok, just make him take it easy.

Tiffany said...

Oh, I just read this. You have gone through so much. I will continue to lift your family up in prayer!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."