Spring break

Mine won't be filled with sand and sun or fun getaways. I can't even sleep in with the kiddos. I will be working. Preschoolers don't get spring break. (darn it.) and the weather outside has gone from gorgeous to frightful.

This was taken on Thursday evening and it was about 73. It's now in the 30's. Yucky.

Scotty left today. He was called out to work in Dallas for 90 days. I pray that he is healthy enough to handle it, and feel blessed that he is doing so well. I miss him already. I have gotten used to our new routine and now we are changing again. We have an appt at UAMS may 6th so he will have to come home for that. I am glad Dallas is an easy drive for me. I am going to try to ask off on April 1 and 2 because the kids are out of school so we can spend Easter with Scotty. I am just taking things one day at a time right now and trying to stay positive.

The kids get to go to work with me this week so it's not a total washout. I just love sleeping in with them and making pancakes. I took off Wednesday so at least I have one day with them. :-)

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