Well we made it to Cincinnati.

We left little rock at around 3:00 yesterday and made it to elizabethtown ky around 11 last night. There were NO rooms in that city to lay our heads down in. Apparently soldiers were making their way from Iraq to fort knox and their families were all waiting. So we drove a little closer to Louisville and made it to a best western about 12 but the time changed on us so we lost an hour. We ate our free complimentary breakfast at denny's and we were on our way out. It took about two hours to get to Cincy. We are staying in blue ash and we are close to kings island, coney island, the beach park, coco key, and the zoo. I am going to try free stuff first to save money..like swimming in hotel pool..:) I think we will have plenty to do while Scotty is at work. The hotel is a town place suite, it's pretty nice. Just hope we don't get kicked out for rambunctious kids..LOL. I hope I can get some relaxing in, everything has been SO chaotic lately.
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Ashley Jo Anglin

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