First off, how cute are these boys?

My brown hair blue eyed boy and my blonde haired brown eyed boy. Seems mixed up.:) I love em!!

We went to a fun park today that has a really awesome wet playground. We ate icees by the lake and then played on the dry playground. It was a fun day.
I still have hotel fever..I can't believe I've already lived in a hotel for a month with three kids!! I'm looking forward to going home.
I'm really into Monday night TV, so I'm off to finish watching. Oh, and if you haven't head over to Jenna's blog @ www.jennasjourney.blogspot.com. I am blogging from iPhone, so I can't link up! There is a "comment" blog hop going on over there. Have a great night!!
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Ashley Jo Anglin


Sarah said...

Your kids are all adorable! Thanks for stopping by & for the comment! I live about 2.5 hours away from you in Fort Smith! Small world! :) Have a great day!

Janice said...

That's pretty hilarious about what happened at Target. I love the lashes though. And I totally have an obsession with mascara too. I goop on way too much just to go to the store. My husband hates it. Glad you found me!

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