Not so busy weekend

We didn't do much this weekend..we went for a long drive this weekend in the country. I love farms and old barns, so my hubby goes along for the ride. We saw some really neat downtowns and I didn't take any pictures.:(
Camden loves this puple shirt..I think pink and purple is precious on little boys.

It even has a little bling.:) Not sure Scotty likes it, bit I've convinced him several times to wear pink over the years.:)
Caden's hair is making progress..

And speaking of hair my husband hates my flat iron. He thinks I should be wash and go..haha! So I did that yesterday and felt weird all day. But hubby liked it, anyways. It's been years since I've "scrunched" my hair..

The people here think my accent is funny. I went to the front to ask for trash sacks and dryer sheets and they didn't know what I meant..LOL. My face was red..
Hope y'all have a great Monday!!!
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