Spring Break

On Moday, we went to James' funeral and burial and that was a hard way to start our Spring Break.

But on Tuesday morning we got up and went to the Memphis Zoo and met Scotty's cousin Tim and his wife Tina and their girls. (Scotty is from there, if you didnt know)

Cade at the Zoo

Miss Laiken

Camden and his cousin Ava

We went to eat Tuesday night at Mellow Mushroom in Germantown with Scotty's cousin Becky and her husband Andy, and their four (soon to be 5) precious kiddos. My kids were a little wild in there. I have missed Mellow Mushroom SOOO much. When we lived in the Nashville area, our Mellow Mushroom had a really cool bus the kids could play and eat on. My friend Kira and I used to take our kids there quite often for the lunch specials. This one was not as big, but the pizza was still great.

On Wednesday morning, we packed up from our hotel and headed to West Memphis to see Scotty's Aunt Louise (aka Mamaw). We stayed at her house all day and we took her to lunch at Applebee's and went to Baskin Robbins for ice cream and later on that night, she cooked us fried taters, greens and cornbread. We left there at about 8:15 and headed home.

The rest of the week has been pretty boring. Thursday Laiken's softball team had a scrimmage game and they play terrible. Friday night, we cooked chicken on the grill. We had baked beans, potato salad, and corn salad. I soaked my chicken in a Baja Citrus glaze and OJ and it was sooo good. I love corn salad and it's super easy.

I just use oil, vinegar, and a little Splenda (or sugar) lots of salt and pepper, diced purple onion, and diced tomato. Mix with sweet corn and add some parsley for color (some people use fresh basil) but it's not my thing. I love this stuff. I could eat off the grill every single night. I am a little sad that our very warm beautiful weather has left us...not sure where it went but it is now cold and rainy amd I don't like it!! I plan on staying inside all day and hibernating!!

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