Southern style Reality TV

Did anyone else watch this last night? I am a Reality TV junkie, but with so many stupid new shows on TV, I almost decided against it. Big Brother is on, and the Bachelorette. But apparantly CMT decided they needed to do a "southern" Bachelorette. I watched. And I liked it. I know, I know. Silly, right? But I really did like it. The "bachelorette" is Devin Grissom, a pretty Alabama girl. And the boys, well, they are playing the Southern boys against the city boys. And we all know what I am going to say. I like the Southern boys. You can't get much better than faith, football, guns, and sweet tea. I have to say a couple of the city boys were cute, but I'm rooting for the Southern Boys. Duh.

They moved into these cute country style almost plantation like houses with perfect southern decor and pretty front porches with rocking chairs and ferns. One of the city boys left shortly after he got there. I guess he couldn't hang. I'll probably continue to watch this show, because now I am intrigued. :-)

However, CMT really messed up by putting this awful show after it.
"Texas Women"

I love Texas. Why do they have to put stupid shows on TV? Doesn't CMT know that there is already a new Texas society show coming on another channel? And that the Alabama women show that TLC put on lasted two or three episodes and was a flop?
I quit watching after 15 minutes and watched my DVR'd Big Brother instead. Then, I watched the Real Housewives...:)


Hillary said...

I hadn't seen that another Texas show was starting. That picture is super funny though. Being from Texas and having lived here all my life, I almost NEVER see women dressed like that. SOooo funny!!

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


Melissa said...

I am going to have to watch that Sweet Home Alabama show!! I'm a reality tv junkie as well!! :)

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