Totally Random

These are just totally random thoughts.

*I am disabling anonymous comments. I am so tired of seeing spam.
*It is the 6th day of school, and Laiken is home sick. ALREADY.
*I have two different email accounts associated with this blog, and I have had some emails and comment replies that I just saw because they went to an email I rarely check. So if you think I am ignoring you, I am not!;)
*I am very very very sick today. Yucky morning sickness..I refuse to complain because I am so thankful.
*I think my diet plan is out the window until I get over morning sickness.
*I am still in SHOCK that I am pregnant and I am almost scared to talk about it, in fear that something bad will happen.
*I want to start buying cloth diapers now, so I can have a stockpile when baby comes home, but I am scared to spend the money on them...
*I really want an ice cream pie. The kind you dump the ice cream into the crust, and pour magic shell on top...I see a trip to Harp's after I pick up my kids from school..
*I have literally laid on the couch all day. I feel so lazy. I still have boxes that need to be unpacked.
*My husband probably thinks I am the laziest person alive, LOL.
*My husband came home from his stint in NWA on Friday! I am so glad to have him home. It's nice to have the help..
*However, he is getting ready for deer season and I probably won't be seeing much of him anyways...
*Laiken is playing fall softball like always and Cade is playing tackle football again. I don't feel like I can juggle anything for Camden. This kind of makes me feel like a bad mom! He never gets to do anything...
*I got a digital BP cuff bc I was having a hard time trying to check my BP with the regular cuff and my stethoscope myself and my BP is doing a little better. So glad for that.
*Ok, I am off..gotta go get the boys from school...then I am coming back home and parking my booty back on the couch.


Hillary said...

Yay for morning sickness!!

I completely understand your pregnancy fears. I waited as long as I could to even acknowledge it just in case something bad happened. (case in point, I didn't even tell my mom until I was 18 weeks!). I would say as Moms in our position its good to be wary of good outcomes. So far I've only been brave enough to invest in visa gift cards that I plan to use once he's here... just in case. I've always felt the need to protect my heart as much as I possibly can. I hope that everything continues to go great!!


Melody said...

I have another U/S on Friday. I have days when I just know everything is fine and then I have days like today when I'm scared something is not ok. I want to buy stuff too but I just can't becuase I am so worried! It makes no sense to see a perfectly healthy baby at 8 weeks (almost 9) with a strong heartbeat and no issues for me to still be so terrified. I had to tell my students today b/c well, there really is NO hiding it! So, that worried me that something might be wrong since I told them. After Friday I hope to have NO more fears! God gave us these babies and they are ours to keep, here on Earth! I really believe that!

Nancy said...

I know what you mean...I'm a hunter's wife, too. He is counting down for dove season.
Hope your sickness feels better soon! YAY for being preggers!

The Mama said...

I think that being preggers give you a free pass to lay on the couch whenever you please. I'm sure Scotty doesn't feel like you are lazy, and if you are, tell him you are busy growing a person. Ha

I can totally understand your being worried about it all. I can't say that I know what you are going through, but I at least can try to understand a small fraction of your worry. Praying for you to get through this, and to pass each pregnancy milestone and then move on to the next one without any problems! We are praying for you, and for this sweet, sweet baby!!!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."