Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I have gotten behind in the blogging business. I have alot I want to blog about, but we shall keep it simple today :-)

Sunday after church we went to the Rivermarket for Cocoa with the Clauses. The kids got their picture made with Santa, saw an elf, the Grinch, and a Reindeer. We took them Ice Skating and then they warmed up with hot chocolate.

I haven't been able to get their pictures for Christmas cards, because Laiken has been sick and pitiful, and now Camden is sick. I just gave up and went to Walgreens with their not so great Santa picture and made cards today. I've got to get cards sent out soon!! I'm late!!

Scotty and I watching kids ice skate. Why oh why is my face so puffy?:(

Tweedle dee, tweedle dum

This was the sweetest man! He made a great elf. His name is Frankie.

My look alikes. Maybe Sawyer will look like me and Camden?;)

Cade and the reindeer

He was feeling terrible. Poor little guy. I felt bad we drug him out in the cold..hot chocolate helped though! He's still super cute!

Laiken fell on the ice a bunch.

I loved the Grinch.

We had a great time! Perfect day in December!


Megan said...

I love peeking at your beautiful family, and the fun you have together!!

(OH, and we had that SAME Grinch at the tree lighting in our town. Is it just me or did the Grinch get even creepier?! :D My three year old wanted NOTHING to do with him! HAHAHA!!!)

Nancy said...

You have precious babies!
That is a great picture of you & your husband!

Hillary said...

Looks like yall had tons of fun! I am slightly jealous :). Love all the pictures of your kiddos!


The Mama said...

Looks like so much fun! So glad Laiken is feeling better but oh man I am so sorry that Camden is now sick! Hope everyone is better in time for Christmas.

By the way, you don't look puffy. You look beautiful :)

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