This kid tried sushi for the first time tonight.

Well he was fine with it until he chewed it. He tried to spit it out and bits of it landed in my fried rice. Lovely.

Scotty gave Laiken some Wasabi. She screamed, squealed, and ran into the bathroom. Embarassing. Bad parenting, ya think?

My kids at the carwash. I seriously remember this same carwash as a kid. I sat on plastic crates waiting on my moms car and it always smells the same.

Tonight, I played around on Pinterest and found these free printables. I love!! I'm going to put them in black frames for SB's room.

I printed off an aqua and yellow one, too. I think I'm gonna do all four on one wall.

There is seriously not much going on around here-so not much to blog about!


Hillary said...

Oh I used to love carwashes like those! We used to love to watch out those big windows waiting for our car. Takes me back...

Loving those prints too!

Hope ya'll have a great rest of your week!


KERRY said...

Can you stay in your car during the wash like we can here in Australia? It's fun!
Your kids are brave, wasabi is hot!! And sushi, I love california rice rolls but no raw fish for me!!!

Sarah said...

That's so funny about them trying sushi and wasabi.... I'm right there with them!!! Zach loves it and I can't stand it. :)Have a great day!!

FrouFrouBritches said...

He is better than I am! I won't even try sushi!

I love the printables you found. Precious!!!

You feeling ok?

Amy von Oven said...

Ok, that is so funny. My hubby tries to get my kids to try things all the time and we get the same embarassing moments. LOL, I am always sitting with my head in my hands thinking how crazy we all look. Love the stuff off pinterest. I find too many things on there and not enought time to do them! :)

Melody said...

Zach's dad gave Bailey a lemon when she was just a few months old. I was so mad but she liked it (which helped me not be so mad). And, I bit into a hot pepper at a restaurant when I was about 8 and cried my eyes out b/c it burned so bad and my mom felt horrible and it wasn't even her fault. I have never seen a car wash like that before. I love those printables! I really need to hang some stuff in Adilyn's room since our paint job is not awesome, lol.

The Mama said...

I love the printables, and I love the car wash! I used to love that kind when I was little

I am not a sushi girl, good for your kids for trying it!!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."