All about Sawyer Bliss-1 month

Hi! I'm one month old now!!!

I sleep alot. Mommy says I'm
a good girl. I eat at 2 am and at 6 am and every 3 hours during the day. Mommy still nurses me. I don't like bottles at all. I spit up alot. I love to be swaddled at night in my swaddle blanket. I wear newborn cloth diapers and have grown out of preemie clothes and am wearing newborns. They are still a little big though. I have lots of clothes in my closet Mommy hopes I can wear soon. I cry when I get my diaper changed. I don't like it much. Mommy and daddy love me lots, they hold me all the time and kiss me way too much. Mommy told me today I have really bad baby acne. I hope it goes away soon. I hate WalMart. Really. I cry every single time we go in there. Every time. I like Target, though. And Chick Fil A. We ate there tonight. Mommy even had a milkshake. I was jealous. We go to the ballpark alot. It's loud. My older sister plays ball and I want to play softball too. Or be a ballerina. I'm not sure yet. Mommy says I have to wear hairbows, because it makes her look like a better mama. Last weekend we went to the zoo!
Here I am in my stroller:

Oh! I still love my Wubbanub. It's a must have accessory. I love my brothers and sister alot. I can't wait till Laiken can play dolls with me, and I can dig in the dirt with Camden, and play video games with Caden. I'm getting really sleepy. I better go to bed now. Good night!


Kim said...


The Mama said...

SOOOOO CUTE!!!! I love love love this!!!

Nancy said...

She is such a beauty!!
I don't blame her, Walmart is pretty gross to me & Target is a lot more fun! But Walmart's prices make us go there sometimes for essentials :)
I think she looks like her Mommy!

Tesha said...

Oh she is so Lovely, I can not believe it has been a month! Soak up every day in baby bliss.

Hillary said...

She is just beautiful and still looks just like you!! :) What a wonderful baby that she go everywhere with you all! Don't you just love this age where they are a fun tag-a-long :). Hope that everything continues to go great with your precious little angel!


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