I've lost that mojo...

It's hard to remember to blog!

Friday, I turned 30.

Friday morning bright and early I took the kids to muffins for mom at their school. Not sure how I got us all up and ready. Getting a newborn and the three big ones is hard for me by myself, but we manage. We got there at about 7.

I spent the afternoon with my Memaw and then we went to dinner at US pizza (love!) with the fam. I was seriously down about being alone on my bday (I mean without Scotty)..I'm not sure why but we took like no pictures.

Got one of Laiken..

Afterwards we went to my moms house to hang out on her front porch. My great grandmother used to live in her house and the swing on the porch is over 200 years old. Generations of my family have swung in that swing.

My moms little porch..

Our old city library. I used to walk across the street alone to check out books when I was a kid. I was nursing SB when I took these pics:-)

Saturday the kids and I went to Moe's to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Someone was GRUMPY

The boys played outside Saturday afternoon.

Sunday was church and we went to my grandparents house after.

My Memaw holding SB.

Mad baby.

Today, Cade was suspended from school. (don't judge). He was playing with a toy in class. I took him to lunch at McAllisters.

She slept

Tonight Laiken had a softball game. They lost.

But Sassy britches looked preshy.

She knows her bow is important.

On our way home, she was sad I took it off.

Oh, well. :-)

Good night!


Kim said...

You look GREAT momma! Happy Birthday! Cute pictures! I need to catch up on here, we just got back from vacay:)

Tesha said...

LOL I love the bow SOOOOO cute! I am glad you had a great weekend. What a sweet mam you are to take Cade out to lunch he looks pretty happy. I hope to see you on the link up tomorrow...if you remember :)

KERRY said...

That house and the porch looks so lovely and I bet you have the best memories from sitting on that porch! That is how I imagine life to be in the South, it is what we see in the movies :)

The Momma said...

You look beautiful!!!

Such great pictures of your kiddoes!! SB is so so so cute. all of your babies are. :)

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."