Thursday Randoms..20 LONG thoughts

Just a bunch of thoughts. Because they all are just swirling around...

1. I am SO thankful for a baby that sleeps all night. Last night was 11 hours. Just my opinion, but her sleeping next to my bed and being swaddled helps her sleep. No way am I ready for her to be out of my room yet. CoSleeping Rocks.

2. I am SO ready for our beach vacation in July/August. I can't wait. I must lose at least 20 more lbs by then..Beach is calling my name. Can't wait. Oh, I already said that? Oops.

3. Speaking of weight loss, it is such a fun game to me. I have never seriously looked at it like this before, but once you get to a certain number on the scale, you don't want it to go over that number again and you must count your calories. Or excercise. I have a long way to go.

4. I am enjoying eating healthy. My favorite dinner right now is a turkey burger with grilled pineapple and mustard on a sandwich thin. With a side of romaine and olive oil and vinegar. I feel SO much better eating healthy.

5. Music. You ever just love certain songs for certain seasons? Right now, I love Drunk on You by Luke Bryan, Call me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen, (yes I just admitted that!! Eeek!) Come over by Kenny Chesney, Why you wanna by Jana Kramer, and Justin Bieber Boyfriend. Oh, yes I said it. It's catchy. I can't help it. Get over it. :-)

6. I am loving that Ghetto pool in the backyard. It is providing enjoyment for these kids while I clean or do whatever. Mostly whatever. Only kidding. Not really.

7. Sawyer Bliss looks just like me. I should post baby pics of me. Cause clearly she's my child. Funny how older two look just like their daddy, and younger two look just like me.

8. I am loving the bond between Laiken and Sawyer. I swear I can see it, even though SB is so small. Laiken baby talks with her, and makes SB smile and coo and her eyes light up when she sees Laiken. Makes my heart flutter.

9. I LOVE LOVE Sawyer's smile. I.die.every.time!

10. Boys are hard to raise. I am reading a book called "The wonder of boys" about raising boys into men. Clearly I need help. My oldest has become quite hard to deal with. But I sure love him. Today I was in Wal*Mart with all four, and Camden broke his flip flop on purpose, and Caden was crying huge tears because Camden touched him. We were quite the show. My redneck child with his dirty barefeet walking around and Caden practically screaming that I didn't care about him. And you know how you just keep pushing your buggy and smiling big at every old lady that stares at you? Yeah, I did that.

11. I have no desire to read 50 shades or whatever the heck everyone is talking about. I am not going to become obsessed with reading that. Between reading my bible, and reading 2 self help/Christian books about raising boys and being anxious I'm pretty sure I don't need to read trash fiction. No offense if you are reading it, because all my friends are. I'm just not. And I still love my friends.

12. I hate laundry so much. Ask my husband. I know he's reading. I hate it. Glad I have all these clothes, but really. What's the point of all that folding? Sheesh.

13. I want to be a runner. Lots of my friends run. Hubby started running. I'm trying, I laced up my shoes and attempted yesterday. I am thinking of doing Couch to 5K. I haven't ran in so long, it intimidates me.

14. I really want to do an at home business. I have two that I really want to do. I just want to make sure I can get enough out of it to be worth it. Every little bit helps. My PayPal account needs some fundage. I am slightly obsessed with buying baby clothes. It's an illness, really.

15. We have a gnat issue. I hate those pesky creatures. I poured bleach down my drains. Any advice? I hate when I see them come out of my sink. Gag 'O Maggot.

16. I hate the way I talk. This has bugged me lately. And I hate my big teeth. My husband JOKINGLY (hopefully) has told me I look like Mr. Ed. Some older lady asked me the other day if I had lip injections. Clearly, she did not realize how self conscious I am about them. Because ever since, I have felt so insecure. I can not tell you how made fun of I was in school because of my big lips.

17. Why do I watch 16 and Pregnant? I keep telling myself not to watch. Because it upsets me every week and clearly, it's a trainwreck. I bawled and squaled after Tuesday's episode. I should not be contributing to the high ratings. Seriously.

18. I cry almost everyday about not breastfeeding Sawyer. I caved a couple of times, but I dont want to hurt her. It makes me SO sad. Now she's on $35.99 a can Nutramigen. Ouch. More on her 3 month update...

19. I really need to use my camera. I haven't used it in forever. iPhone and Instagram have made it so easy to not pull out my camera. But I keep thinking I should. If you want to follow my Instagram, it's laikenmom.

20. This has gotten really long, and Sawyer is now crying, so I better stop. I was just full of random thoughts.

Happy Thursday!!


KERRY said...

I loved this post full of random thoughts!! You had me smiling at a few of them, seriously the one of you guys in Walmart hahaha. I had to take my 9 year old to the airport last week to pick up my husband and guess who forgot his shoes after me telling him to get them? Yeah I am that mum too lol
Here he was walking through a busy airport bare foot in winter too!
I definitely think Sawyer looks just like you, so much so that I have been meaning to tell you!
I think it's the big sister and maternal instincts that has Laiken loving her baby sister, it's sweet isn't it!?
I can't believe someone asked you if you had your lips done lol, some people amaze me at their lack of commonsense!
So much more I could comment on but I am starting to forget what now lol, oh except I totally abandoned that book with a few chapters to go. It is disgusting to say the least!
Love your randomness...

Sarah said...

My mind often works like this too! :) Good luck with deciding about the business. I do one and it is nice to have extra funds. And don't tell me boys are hard to raise - I want to believe my sweet boy will always be this sweet and easy!!! :)

Katie said...

Love this list, Ashley!

1. That's AWESOME that Sawyer Bliss is sleeping through the night. YEA!

2. We have a ghetto pool. Love it.

3. Boys are HARD to raise. Tips, please?! I'm just proud you are making time to read. I'm not there yet!

4. I've heard about 50 Shades of Grey too, and I'm with you on not reading it. Pass.

5. I don't mind laundry, but I hate ironing.

6. Do Couch to 5K! That's awesome. You would do GREAT!

7. Lip injections? What in the world would someone ask you this?

8. I wish I could have helped you in Walmart the other day! I've been there, girl. Not fun. But we just keep smiling, right?

Love ya, sweet friend!

The Momma said...

I have really big teeth too. My husband jokes about it all of the time. It's mean. Haha.

It's so awesome to have kids that look like your hubby and then kids that look like you. I have a son that looks exactly like my husband and a daugther that looks exactly like me. Love it.

I at one point was a runner. And I did it by doing Couch to 5k. It's a great thing to do and it is so darn good for you and it's so easy to do. I would really recommend downloading the couch to 5K apps and using that. Works so great. You'll be amazed how quickly you can run more than you thought you could.

Love you sweet friend! Love reading your random thoughts!

Melody said...

OK, I feel bad b/c my comment is not going to be super long like the rest of everyone (but, uh, I have an infant too) :) Adilyn does NOT sleep all night but only gets up once and wakes up SUPER happy. I'm NOT reading 50 shades of grey b/c 1. I can't afford it. 2. Um, I really don't need to read porn when I hardly have time to even think about sex with 2 kids! 3. I've heard it's pretty dirty and it disturbs me that my 8th graders read it! We are getting ready for a HUGE yard sale on Saturday, I hope we make a ton of money and I have no idea why I just said that b/c that was supposed to go in my blog post that I probably will not type tonight. Wow, this is getting long. I love you and I'm sorry SB is on Nutragimen. But I do KNOW that most insurance companies will pay for it if your doctor says she HAS to have it. We have tummy issues with Adi too and seriously, I told Zach's cousin that Bailey could have gone on chocolate cows milk from day one and probably been just fine. Ok, I'm going to bed now. I'm TIRED!

Hillary said...

I'm so laughing right now because it's 2:26 am and my 8 MONTH OLD is crying it out upstairs and we are doing a little sleep training :). You rock SB!

I was that Mom in the grocery store parking lot today singing Call Me Maybe today! I'm glad Graham wasn't with me he would have died of embarrassment.

Let me know how the Boy book works out for you. I certainly need some help with my 3!

I hate laundry so much too! (Just ask Kerry, I sent her a picture of my laundry pile one day to cheer her up. I can send it to you too if you ever need the support :).

I'd love to see 31! Too bad someone I know already is :(

I swear watching 16 and pregnant makes my blood pressure go up so much. How can those kids talk to their moms/mother-in-laws that way??

Hope you have a great Friday!


Nancy said...

Love this post!!
I love all of those songs & I love Bieber's most of all!! HA!
This post is full of happiness & good things ~ Keep them coming!
I know you can do a business ~ I sell on Ebay & it is so much fun to watch people bid on the things I sell. Such satisfaction! :)
HAPPY FRIDAY & Happy June!

Allison said...

haha this is me on so many things too.

I want to be a runner too. It's crazy for me to even think that, but I just joined the Y, so we shall see.

I really don't care about that book and don't have much of a clue what it's about.

Laurie said...

Loved reading your list! I am sooooooo with you on the laundry!!!!! HATE IT! I am the worst. We have a mountain of clean clothes on our love seat 365 days of the year!!!!

Summer said...

I love your randoms Ashley! This is a great post! Girl yay for Sawyer Bliss sleeping through the night! Whoop Whoop! Makes for a happy momma and a happy baby! Kelcee was on Nutramigen after my milk dried up at 3 months, I know TMI! It is really expensive, I wish I would have known then that insurance will cover it...you should totally look into that girlie! I am lol at picturing your boys at Walmart and the looks on the old ladies faces, that's funny! I have gotten those looks before ha! So who in the world just comes up to a complete stranger and asks that, how rude! I think you are gorgeous and girl celebs pay big bucks to have beautiful lips like you so don't you worry your pretty little head about it...Sawyer Bliss is gorgeous, I think she looks so much like you too! A lot of my friends are reading Fifty too and I have no interest, I heard it is Filthy and I am reading the Duggars and just finished Hunger games so I'm not really wanting to read a porn novel or that's what I heard it is! I am so glad I am fired from laundry lol! If I wasn't our love seat would look like a mountain of clean clothes eeeer hey the hubs does laundry and my dresser looks like that ha! What am I talking about! This was great!

love ya girl

Tesha said...

LOL I LOVE your randomness I am still smiling :)

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."