Sweet gift and a video

Yesterday, I got a text from a lady I know with this picture:

She makes jewelry and made me this as a gift. She just asked for my address. Y'all, I about died. This is the sweetest gift ever! And she thought to include Ryan and that means the world. She is not as forgotten as I think sometimes..I will give her info later-she has the best prices I can find on stamped jewelry, seriously. I'm still smiling over this one. Can't wait to get it! There are seriously sweet people in this world.

Not much going on around here. So I'll just throw in some pictures:-)

How about a video? :-))

YouTube Video

Seriously-she's preshy!!


KERRY said...

Sawyer is sooooo cute!! I loved seeing her and hearing her in real life!! :)
And I just love your accent, it is the coolest!!

Nancy said...

What a little love!! She is PRECIOUS!!!

The Momma said...

SO stinking cute!!!

Love all of the pictures. That necklace is so sweet and thoughtful!!!

Emily said...

What a thought gift! So fun to get a surprise email like that.

Do you still have any of Sawyer's little things available that you put on your blog sale a few weeks back? I found out yesterday that I'm having a girl this fall and would love to see another sale on here! :-)

Tesha said...

Oh my goodness I love the necklace!!!! Sweet pics and video also:)

Kim said...

That necklace is soooo sweet! Your kids are adorable and I LOVE the vid of Sawyer! She is too cute!

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