Family update

Well hello blog friends! It's been awhile:-). I think I keep saying that I am going to start blogging again more frequently, and then life happens. I'm just so busy. I think things are slowing down so I really want to get back into the swing of blogging.

Sawyer Bliss turned 7 months old on Oct. 13th.

She is such a sweet sweet babe. And since her 6 month update, she has come a long way!! She now is an unassisted sitter and she rolls and she can even get on all fours. She smiles at almost everyone. She is getting clingy, the attachment has started. But that's ok, I kind of like that she needs/wants me all the time. Lately, she has decided daytime naps are no fun. By bedtime, she is overly exhausted and cranky. We are working on that. We saw the neurologist and I will update more on that later. We go to physical therapy today.

My boys have ended their football seasons. It's bittersweet because I love going to their games but I am ready to reclaim some freedom. It's a lot of work going back and forth to practices. Caden's team is undefeated, but he is the only 5th grader on a team of 6th graders. So he is the low man on the totem pole. Some of those boys have definitely hit puberty and have facial hair and that scares me. He is going to middle school next year. Eeek. Camden has found his calling in football, he is already planning his NFL career. He loves it. This obviously makes his football-obsessed mom pleased. ;). I'm ready for the Hogs to be done with their season because every Saturday it stresses me out. And makes me so very sad that Arkansas is so bad this year.

Oh, and other Caden news! He was saved about two months ago and he was baptized two weeks ago. This is the best news of all. So proud of him for making this decision. This picture is fuzzy, but you get the idea. This is my main goal as a parent, for my kids to know Christ. Because nothing else is important.

Laiken is doing great, she quit softball in the middle of the fall season. She wasn't enjoying it anymore and I wasn't either. Hopefully she gets on a new team that she enjoys for spring ball. She has been begging to take acting classes, and I wouldn't let her because of softball but I really think it would be good for her. I'm looking into her going to the arts center for theatre and drama classes. She always does well in school, she's the "good " child. The one who has never in her 5 years at school ever been told to be quiet, quit talking, pull a card, etc. She prides herself in being a good student and having good behavior. She's so fashion conscious, she is almost ten and still won't leave the house without a bow. And Matilda Jane obsessed. :-)

As far as I go, I've been busy buying and selling and slinging hairbows. It's a lot of fun, but it is time consuming. I get stressed out making sure everyone gets their order on time. I'm still staying home with SB and I love the days we can actually "stay home". I cook dinner at my church on Wednesdays still, I'm doing every other Wednesday and it's fun. My best friend Erin helps me now and we somehow cook a huge dinner for 60+ people with three babies in tow. It's quite comical sometimes. I'm still trying to lose some weight (12 lbs) and its gotten harder. I'm having to push myself harder now because I really want to lose it. I haven't been feeling well lately and that makes it hard. I went for a cervical biopsy last week (please pray still no cancer) and my dr sent me for an ultrasound the next day. My uterus is enlarged, I have cystic ovaries, and a good sized fibroid. Also my lining was pretty thick. It scares me. Waiting on my Dr. to call me and let me know her plan. I think she was waiting on my biopsy to come back.

Scotty is doing ok, he's been home 3 weeks from the wake of hurricane Issac, and now Sandy is hitting. So he is being deployed. I was really hoping he would stay home all winter but with a hurricane coming, that's kind of impossible. I'm used to taking care of kids alone, but he's a great dad and I love his help. He is leaving tomorrow and I'm so sad. I worry about him and his health and it's something I have to give to God because that fear consumes me. I wish more than anything he weren't sick. I admire him for working for us, but I do believe he pushes his limits. He loves SB so much and is so helpful with her!

And this other little princess, too!

I think that is all for now. I figured before I posted about anything else, I should do an update.

I miss my blogging buddies desperately and I promise I will catch up soon!

Happy Monday:-)


Hillary said...

Miss you too! I can't believe that SB is already 7 months old!! Can you even remember the days when we were just praying to be pregnant again?? :) Lots of love to you!


The Momma said...

Love this update!!! Love reading all about y'alls goings on. :) All of the pics of those perfect kids are awesome!

Tesha said...

I have missed you sweet lady. Glad to hear Sawyer is progressing and doing good. Wonderful news about Caden, Praise Jesus!! I will be praying for your Dr's appointment I am dealing with some female problems right now also and it is so scary. We are so enjoying Shaylas bows:)

Nancy said...

Love that you updated!! You have some of the best dressed kids in Arkansas!! I can just imagine how busy you are taking everyone to practice!! Stay warm!

Kerry said...

Hi Ashley! We have missed you too...
It was great to get an update on your lives and I am keeping you in my thoughts as you await your results xo

Melody said...

We should talk more! Your kids are beautiful! SB looks like she has chunked up a bit. She is a beautiful baby. Adi cate weighs 24 pounds at 8 months! I'm glad you are doing well! I haven't had a period since August 21! I keep taking tests and hoping I'm not pregnant, lol.

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."