Thrifty DIY

Y'all-I love the Goodwill. And flea markets. And thrift stores. Maybe more so than Hobby Lobby. Or Home Goods.

I spent most of this past weekend doing re purposing on my vintage finds. I do this a lot, so I thought I should start sharing so often what I find!

This chair was $5. I loved her vintage lines and already chipped creamy paint color! I just added the fleur de lis for fun and recovered the seat with fabric I already had. It's a seriously cute accent piece!

This silver tray was 50 cents, and it's now a cute chalkboard. And I love this heavy bowl for $1! It's a shimmery metallic and a perfect piece for my coffee table.

I fell in love with these end tables. I bought the end tables, plus the coffee table for $35. They are heavy wood and I would much rather re-finish them than buy a newer more expensive cheap quality!

A little bit of paint, and she became a beauty.

We have two living areas, and our front room needed a makeover. It was pitiful. I'm still not done with it, but it's better than it was.

New tables, thrift store lamps, and few accessories.

Lamps are my favorite re-dos. And candlesticks. Don't run from the 80's brass! A little spray paint can turn them into gems!

I'm making over my bedroom currently. I'm adding fun chartruesey green accents and I'm loving it! I will share the finished product soon.

This was seriously like .25 and ugly and brass. It just took a little spray paint and voila! Fun accent piece!

These lamps were BAD. Think early 90's blue and mauve. My mom had our whole house decorated in that train wreck. Blue wall paper with mauve flowers, mauve kitchen counters, and I remember bunnies. Craft store bunnies. I digress.

I painted her, added a fun shade from Wal-Mart, and I love it! I bought 2 for $3 apiece and I'm so glad I didn't splurge on new lamps!

I've got a few projects I'm working on right now, so I will share the before and afters soon. Sweet hubby came home this morning with a huge cedar piece I'd been eyeing. So excited to get started on it!

Happy thrifting!


Hillary said...

Awesome!! Did you try that blog site for the painting? Love how it all came together!


The Momma said...

Love this! You have such an eye for this! :) Can't wait to see the new projects

Priscilla said...

The mauve decor had me laughing out loud. The house we rented while stationed in WA had that exact look on the countertops -- some we're blue, most were mauve. That tiny aspect was at times painful to look at -- good thing I loved the rest of the house. :)

Love the DIY stuff! I'm impressed. It makes me want to run to goodwill and see what I can find.

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