Sawyer's honey bee "bee-day"!

There are so many things I need to catch up on! I have a review to write, a guest post to put up, I need to update about my life...but for now I just wanted to share Sawyer's birthday. It's crazy to me she turned one!! Seriously crazy.

She had a honey bee themed "bee-day" and it was so fun! I'm just going to share a few pics and I hope to get blogging back on track soon.

Yellow Oreos, and honeycombs for snacks!

We had several tables set up like this.

The food-Scotty grilled burgers.

This is my best friend, Erin.

The Smash cake!

She loved it.

My mom and I aka, Grammy;)

Dancing with daddy

My mom and my grandpa. He ADORES Saw.

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into her fun day!


Hillary said...

What a super cute idea for a birthday party! I love it! How funny is she with her smash cake? :)Oh and also, how dare your MOM look younger than me!! :)


Tesha Papik said...

Oh my goodness soooo cute! Oh and you look fabulous:)!

Sarah said...

What a perfect party for a perfect little girl! LOVED that she attacked her cake. Sweet girl!

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