Race to remember

Saturday was the race to remember. It was such a great day. Saturday morning dawned sunny and bright, but by the time I got to the event that afternoon, it was pouring! Sawyer had been fussy all day and I was praying she'd be calm in her stroller. The rain stopped right before the balloon release. 
Love seeing all the balloons fly!
I don't know why, but I really just wanted to walk with my best friend Erin and enjoy it. My mom came for support;) It was nice just having Erin there. Laiken and Camden ran the 5k. They rocked it! Camden ran it in 27 min I think and L wasn't too far behind. He won his division and is planning on running a few 5k's coming up. So proud! I had a hard time leaving my kids alone at the start line. I knew they'd be ok, but it was sad to think they ran alone. Made me nervous:) My mom waited for them at the finish line. 

The part where I left them:)
I snapped this as he ran by me. He was booking it. 
Erin in her pink shirt pushing her boys. 
My mom snapped this as Cam crossed the finish line. 
I was SO proud of this girl. 
Us with mom after. I was a SWEATY mess. See hair. Caden did not walk or run, ha. And I have to laugh at my mom in a dress. Only she would wear a dress to a RACE. 
This is Michelle. She attends my church and lost her son Jackson. She was volunteering at the race. 
Cam getting his award. Yay Camden! 
Sweaty girl! 
Balloons by Michelle! 
Love those initials! 

We ate free hot dogs and nachos and just enjoyed ourselves. In the last few months, two girls I know have lost babies and I saw them there. While I was walking, I prayed for them and the other people I saw I knew and for their babies that have touched my life. 

Can't wait until next year! 


Nancy said...

What a precious race of remembrance.
I wish I lived close & would walk with you!

Nicole said...

I wish they did something like this in my area. (Or that I lived near you) Such a great thing to do to come together and remember children gone too soon.

Sarah Bussey Adams said...

Glad y'all came and enjoyed the day. Hope to see you there again next year.

Sarah (Mamie's mom)

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