Halloween 2013

You know how you have visions of sugar plum fairies, rainbows, and butterflies when it comes to taking pictures of your kids on special occasions? Yeaaah. Well, this is the first year SB semi-dressed up and we have no good pics of her. The toddler will not sit still. Nor did she like the makeup on her face {clown paint} so that was a bust, too. Anyhow.

Thought I would share a few pictures of my bigger kids from the week of Halloween. You know, for memory sake. 
This is pretty much all I have of SB in her "costume". It's supposed to be a clown. 

Here's Michael Jackson. Caden rocked it, was not sure he would make a good Michael- but yeah, he did. Thriller.

My 50's sock hop waitress! 
I thought she looked totally adorbs. I know she's mine, but she's beautiful. Even in cat eye glasses. She can stop growing at anytime. For real. 

Yeah, he was a hippie. This cracked me up so much. Oh, Camden. 

Hope y'all all had a fun Halloween! 

See ya later!:-)


Trip to the pumpkin patch

Friday morning, the kids were out of school for teacher conferences. We decided to take the kids to the pumpkin patch after we were done. It was a PERFECT sunny 55 degree day! 

First, we had lunch at Mooyah burgers and then we headed to pick our pumpkins!

Hayride fun!

Have I told y'all what a daddy's girl SB is? Well, she is. 

Sweet girl picked out her OWN pumpkin.

SB is OB-sessed with animals of all kinds. No, she's not scared. She even shares her binky and kisses them:-)

And that boy? He melts me. 

Happy Fall Y'all!!!! 


Anglin beach vacation 2013-part 1

We spent almost two weeks at the beach this year! We had a blast and I cannot wait until next year! The only thing I would do different is not take so much stuff..I overpack everywhere we go..and it's alot of work putting it all back up. 

My best friend and her family came with us and stayed at the sand condo complex so that was fun!
Erin and I at the Wharf in Orange Beach. 
We spent our days on the beach! 

Hash tagged our sandcastle!

We went out for dinner most nights..

Tacky Jack's


My mom went with us, too! 

Our family! 

Laiken and her daddy..melt me!

Sawyer Bliss and Laiken Addison 

Sawyer B. did great and slept wonderfully in her pack and play. She had just started a new medicine when we left so she was a little off. She was exhausted by lunch and we went in for naps. We took turns staying in with her, then went back to beach. She did have a couple of seizures..I think she got overstimulated. She was a happy girl and loved the water!!

Part 2 tomorrow!


Race to remember

Saturday was the race to remember. It was such a great day. Saturday morning dawned sunny and bright, but by the time I got to the event that afternoon, it was pouring! Sawyer had been fussy all day and I was praying she'd be calm in her stroller. The rain stopped right before the balloon release. 
Love seeing all the balloons fly!
I don't know why, but I really just wanted to walk with my best friend Erin and enjoy it. My mom came for support;) It was nice just having Erin there. Laiken and Camden ran the 5k. They rocked it! Camden ran it in 27 min I think and L wasn't too far behind. He won his division and is planning on running a few 5k's coming up. So proud! I had a hard time leaving my kids alone at the start line. I knew they'd be ok, but it was sad to think they ran alone. Made me nervous:) My mom waited for them at the finish line. 

The part where I left them:)
I snapped this as he ran by me. He was booking it. 
Erin in her pink shirt pushing her boys. 
My mom snapped this as Cam crossed the finish line. 
I was SO proud of this girl. 
Us with mom after. I was a SWEATY mess. See hair. Caden did not walk or run, ha. And I have to laugh at my mom in a dress. Only she would wear a dress to a RACE. 
This is Michelle. She attends my church and lost her son Jackson. She was volunteering at the race. 
Cam getting his award. Yay Camden! 
Sweaty girl! 
Balloons by Michelle! 
Love those initials! 

We ate free hot dogs and nachos and just enjoyed ourselves. In the last few months, two girls I know have lost babies and I saw them there. While I was walking, I prayed for them and the other people I saw I knew and for their babies that have touched my life. 

Can't wait until next year! 
"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."