Halloween 2013

You know how you have visions of sugar plum fairies, rainbows, and butterflies when it comes to taking pictures of your kids on special occasions? Yeaaah. Well, this is the first year SB semi-dressed up and we have no good pics of her. The toddler will not sit still. Nor did she like the makeup on her face {clown paint} so that was a bust, too. Anyhow.

Thought I would share a few pictures of my bigger kids from the week of Halloween. You know, for memory sake. 
This is pretty much all I have of SB in her "costume". It's supposed to be a clown. 

Here's Michael Jackson. Caden rocked it, was not sure he would make a good Michael- but yeah, he did. Thriller.

My 50's sock hop waitress! 
I thought she looked totally adorbs. I know she's mine, but she's beautiful. Even in cat eye glasses. She can stop growing at anytime. For real. 

Yeah, he was a hippie. This cracked me up so much. Oh, Camden. 

Hope y'all all had a fun Halloween! 

See ya later!:-)


LC said...

Love their costumes! And I know what you mean about SB and trying to get a good picture....just one! Piper was all over the freakin place too:)

Hillary said...

Such awesome costumes!! All my Halloween pictures are just blurs. The kids cared not.at.all for standing still for Momma's pictures :).


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