Hannah Montana party!

Well, we had Laiken's Bday party. It was small, only 2 other kids besides ours came. We had it at the house to cut down on stress. Anyhow, she made out well.

She got from us: 4 hannah montana shirts, a hannah zip up sweatsuit, HSM Troy houseshoes, a HSM headband, some Hannah headbands, a Hannah watch, a HSM charm bracelet, a Hannah watch..I am thinking there is more but I forgot. Her friends got her a Gabriella doll and some pink princess shoes. And a magic wand. Her grammy sent her a Bedazzler, some make up, and some glitter pens. Her Memaw put money in her bank account...

She had a pretty good day. I love her so much. Here are some pictures of her cake, and of course...Laiken!


Allison said...

Alrighty girly, you got to learn to rotate those pics. :)

Becca said...

I love her cake!! She's adorable! Happy birthday Laiken! :)

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