Favorite Things Thursday

Ok, so I had pics of alot of my fave things, but my camera is not cooperating. Lets start with my fave accessory right now..for fall, spring, and summer. Love these....with sandals and flats.

Footless Tights!!!!

It took me awhile to jump on the whole black fingernail/toenail polish thing. But now I love it. My current fave color for both is Sally Hansen Flirt. It is a purplish black. I took a pics of my toesies, but again can't upload.

My fave makeup for the last 6 years..gotta have it!

I love to shop for home stuff. I was gonna show some pics of my fave purchases from there, but since I can't..I will just tell you that I love Hobby Lobby and Big Lots.

Some of my fave things round the house...

I LOVE reed diffusers. They feshen up any room, plus I like the way they look. I still love candles, but reed diffusers are my new love for scents.

I have had an obsession with stars long before it was popular to put them in your home. I love stars, and I have around 5 in my house...

The last one...

I think my husband thinks I go overboard with random words, but I have them everywhere. And I really like this. I have one over my couch, and in my dining room. They look great, and are fairly inexpensive.

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