Childhood Memories

What are some of your fave memories of being a child? I was lucky to have a blessed childhood. Today Camden and I went out to go run some errands before picking up Caden and Laiken. As we stopped in our local meat market to get some smoked chicken, I had this strange flashback of me in there with my mom as a kid. It was a weird thing....(oh, and BTW I bought Dr. Pepper and A&W Root Beer BBQ sauce in there..I had to try it!)

But some of my fave memories of being a kid are:
(alot involve food, lol!)

going tothe laundromat with my Memaw and it was so hot, she would always get me a grape soda. I loved it!

My mom's fresh squeezed lemonade

My dad's lasagna and his grilled steaks

Playing with my Nana's costume jewelry

Having dinner at my Memaw's house and eating watermelons on her back porch

going on neighborhood walks with my mom and dad

I miss my brother..but we hated each other as kids, and I miss the fighting. :(

My Nana Great. She was the greatest woman ever and I miss her and her angel food cake. I miss walking with her to the dollar store, and picking blackberries with her.

Meeting my friend, Ashley O. at "the corner". Our corner was so special to us. We rode our bikes there every afternoon. We thought we were something...


My mom and I shopping...ALONE!!!!

These are just a few of my fave memories..what are yours?

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Allison said...

most of them are memories of my grandmother (nanny) - just playing ball, playing games, her food, everything. She passed away in 6-07 (while I was preggo with J) and I never realized how much I miss her and I'm almost crying thinking about her now. (Sorry to be a downer!)

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."