Just another head injury!

Last night's two ball games ended with a bang. Literally. Camden fell and hit the back of his head and busted it open. He fell off a ledge at Tyndall Park. Luckily, he's fine. No head trauma, and he only needed two staples. He doesn't like the staples too much, he is ready to take them out himself, I think. He did so good when the Dr. put them in. He only cried for a minute. The ER visit was great, the first ever visit where we have been to the ER and been in and out in 45 minutes. And his sister was soo worried about his head. She got a little sick when she saw all the blood. So today is the last day for the Benchmark tests at school, and I hate to say it but my kids didn't go to bed until about midnight with no baths. I had to wake them up cranky this morning for a bath and they were so whiny. Anyhow, a great Wednesday to all!


Becca said...

Oh poor thing! :( What a brave little guy though!!

pocket full of pink said...

Your family is so precious!! :o)

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."