Let's see... I haven't blogged since Wed...

Thursday, Caden had a baseball game and the storms brewed in. We got some hail and a tornado passed through here but we didn't get any damage. We went to Wal-Mart were there when the storm hit and they made us stay in the back, and we weren't allowed to leave. I wish I had my camera then. It was something, the kids thought it was funny we were locked in WalMart. Others weren't so lucky. The town of Mena suffered alot of damage and so did the city in Tenn I used to live in, Murfreesboro. My friend Megan's parents lost their whole house, and a girl and her 9 week old baby were killed. I love Murfreesboro, so please pray for all these families as well as the ones here in Arkansas.

Friday- it was cold and we didn't do much of anything. We went to eat @ Moe's and we washed our new boat. Laiken also cleaned out my car for me! (she got bribed with $5), but so what! It was a huge help. That girl found lots of french fries!

Saturday-We went to Lake Ouachita for a boat ride. It was a nice day, but a little chilly when the wind hit us on that water! My nephew also had a party at Party Central so we went to that.

Sunday-Easter! It was such a rainy, nasty day. I can tell you it was hard going to church in that mess and getting three kids ready. It was cold and the boys wore shorts, and Laiken had a sleeveless dress. Afterwards, we went to my Mom's house for lunch. I brought a ham, hashbrown casserole, greenbean casserole, and rolls. My mom made baked beans, deviled eggs, and a salad. My Memaw brought a cake and two pies. We had plenty of food. On the way to church, one of our families was involved in an accident. They were hit head on on the way to church. They have four kids, and they are all OK as far as I know. But, please pray for Kim and Phillip and their family. I am sure they were pretty shook up.

Today-I am a mess, I can not find my chihuahua, Bella. I let her out to go pee at about 7:15 and she scratched on the door to gt back in and I asked Caden to let her in and I just assumed he did. On the way to school, he told me he didn't. I came home, and she wasn't inside. She wasn't outside, either. It is not like her to run away. She will sit on the back deck and wait on me. She is scared of the rain. I have looked everywhere and the neighbors have not seen her. It is pouring. After the rain lets up, I am gonna go look some more. Please pray she comes home!

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