Take me out to the ball game!

I just wanted to share some pics of Caden in his baseball uniform. Last night was their first game of the season, and while they didn't win, I was proud of the little guys. I love summertime baseball/softball games. I love cheering for the kids, and I love the smells of the ballpark. Cheeseburgers and Nachos. YUM. Tonight Laiken and Camden both have games so I may post pics of them later. It is a cold spring day here in Arkansas and they say it is going to be 72 tommorrow. I sure hope so, because it doesn't feel like spring right now. We were out on Lake Hamilton Saturday night after Laiken's tournament and it was such nice weather. We pulled the boat up to the dock and ate at Doe's on the outdoor deck. I like Fisherman's Wharf better, I wish we had gone there. Anyhow, it was awesome to sit outside on the deck at Sunset and look at the lake. I love doing that, and I hope I have many more days this summer of doing that. We had sunburns Sat and today we need boots and sweaters. Anyhow, hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! And if you haven't read this blog, please visit and pray for this family. I am praying that mom and baby can stay together as long as possible!

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