A few fave things 'round the hizzle

I like stuff. I would have ten houses if I could to house all the stuff I want to buy. I have so many different likes when it comes to home decorating. For the house I live in, I prefer a more "traditional" approach. However, I love bright colored beach houses and rustic lake cabins and log cabins deep in the woods. I could see myself in all of them...:)

I just thought I would share a FEW things that I really like around my house. It would take lots of pics to show everything I love, so I narrowed it down to a few.

This table is right by the door to my garage so it catches alot of stuff on the way it in. It's kind of a junk table. I still love my leopard buffet lamp..don't care what anyone says!!

My little palm tree. It makes me smile! I wish I had palm trees everywhere! I live them. Seriously, maybe I should move to Hawaii! It sits on a pub table in my living room.

This is over my sectional...

And this chair...it matches my sectional and I <3 it. It is so comfy and I like to spin it around to the windows and read books, look at the ducks in the pond, or just watch random golfers...

This table is in my entry way. I recently bought this charger plate @ Kirkland's and the box said A on it, so I snatched it up. I put it here and then noticed that it has a C on it. So I need to take it back and exchange it. Mom said I shoud just keep it. C is for Christ!

This reed diffuser has an A on it and it's in the kid's bathroom. (I kinda have a slight A obsession...and I like that my first and last name start with an A) I got it at Hobby Lobby.

And this A is over the kiddo's toilet...we are the Anglin Mafia, after all. (or so hubby calls us)

I really love candle holders and candles. But this is my fave candle because I love fleur de lis. It's on my dresser.

And since I know you are tired of looking at my stuff, I am going to wrap this up with my fave place in my house. The bathtub because it's where I like to be with a good book, really hot water and lots of bubbles! I really love the rock in the bathroom. It's really relaxing.

That's all for now, folks!

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