Playin Ketchup

Haven't blogged in days! It's because my life isn't really that interesting. So, kids are out of school and things have returned to chaotic! It is madness, I tell you! My biggest problem with my kids is not the messes they make, but they seem to be fighting alot lately! It is driving me nutty. The boys seem to hit each other every time I turn around. I know it's normal, but I am trying to teach them to not touch each other or anyone else for that matter....

And, yesterday I go to the school to register a certain little boy for kindergarten (I so cannot believe he is going to go to kindergarten so soon) and the secretary said she neeeded to speak with me about Caden. She handed me an envelope with $40 in it, and said that Caden had brought it from home and was trying to spend it on pencils and erasers. I was furious. I have taught my kiddos to not steal. He doesn't get it though. He is always taking quarters from my purse and drawers. He is now grounded. He can't play outside with his brother and sister today. I know he is a little "different" because of his Asperger's syndrome, but I hate to place labels on him. I try to not treat him any differently, but I will tell ya, Asperger's puzzles me! And I know he has a hard time because of it. (Me, too!) How about a picture? Saturday night Caden fell asleep in his toy bucket. He got a blanket and crawled in there and fell sound asleep in it. We got a good laugh out of it! I love him so much!

And, I cannot believe this little guy is about to be a kindergartner!

This picture was taken about a year and a half ago in Greers Ferry. I cannot believe how much he has grown. I cried when I filled out the paperwork because he is my baby. And he needs me!!! I need him! I never thought all my kids would all be in school. It does happen for you mommies that are at home with babies and you think it is an eternity away before they begin school, I promise it comes sooner than you think! Enjoy them being little. I can remember people telling me before you know it, they'll be in school and thinking that was a lifetime away. Here I am, with a 2nd grader, a 1st grader, and a kindergartner. I am a busy mama! I miss them being babies. There was a time when I had a 2 year old, a one year old, and a newborn and I actually miss it.

I looove Spring. Is anyone else ready for the rain to STAY away? It really messed up our Memorial day weekend plans! I love sunshine and green grass and fresh flowers. On Memorial Day we had ribs, hamburgers, fresh fruit, grilled corn on the cob, twice baked potatoes, cole slaw, bacon and tomato salad, baked beans, chicken legs, cucumber salad....we had SOOOO much food. Too much food. It was nice to stay at home though. Sharon (my dad's wife) brought me these flowers from their yard. I love hydrangeas, I think they are so beautiful. So I put them in the dining room.

Today we are going to stay home and do some cleaning and organizing, but tomorrow I think we may go to the zoo or the Rivermarket. Something to get out of the house aside from the park and the trampoline in our backyard! We have a neighborhood pool, but I am really too cheap to pay the country club dues so we dont have a membership. And we live right on the golf course, but live on a street that doesnt require POA dues. (yea for that!) When we drive by the pool, the kids beg me to stop. (Bad mom, huh?) I am trying to come up with summer activities to keep them busy. Otherwise my house will become a disaster.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Aw, your Caden is so darn cute!! That is too funny about him sleeping in a bucket (ps, we have the same one in red - did you get it at Target? lol).

And your kids are getting big! I didn't realize they were all so close in age, oh my!! They are adorable. I am so tired of the rain and hopefully it is going to be sunny this weekend, finally!!

We HAVE to pay HOA dues, so luckily we get to use the pool.. or else I wouldn't pay for it either haha.

Oh and where was it that we were going to go if you ever came to Atlanta?! I was thinking about that the other day and couldn't remember.. lol.

Anonymous said...

No! I didn't get to watch their show, but I think I taped it (ok, I asked hubby to but I think he may have forgotten, haha). Oh yes, that is right.. Ikea!! I remember that now. oh that would have been cool if your hubs got a job here!!

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