Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

Ok, first off...I am currently annoyed about two things.

My sweet little Camden has hidden my camera and I am going crazy without it, and he has taken me on a wild goosechase looking for it. He keeps telling me where he put it, and it's not there. I think he really forgot. Next, my internet. I cannot keep a signal for more than like three minutes and it takes forever for me to post a blog, or write E-mails. Every time it rains, I have issues. Ok, enough of that!

We celebrated my birthday on Friday night at Colton's (no camera) :(. But my sweet hubby ordered me a cake from Nana's bakery sometime last week and surprised me with it. Ok, I was a little shocked when I saw the cake....Strawberry Shortcake!! I was not expecting that at all. He was just making fun of me for having Strawberry Shortcake parties every year as a child. But, she was yummy and we ate her all up. (Now, back to that diet..) He did take a pic with his phone and E-mail it to me.

Tomorrow, my Memaw is going to take me shopping and we are going to have "a birthday day" like we do every year. I keep thinking the closer I get to 30, she's gonna tell me I am too old...but, she hasn't yet. We go and eat lunch and I shop and she pays...Fun, right? :)

I am praying that this lake house sells (I know you are all sick of hearing about it!) I want to buy a house (to live in) downtown. Can't buy till that house sells. And this house I want is probably going to sell soon. It's my dream..it's like a storybook house, built in 1934. I am praying it doesn't sell. It's so charming, we love it! And, if you are asking why we are moving again..DON'T!!! Just kidding, we want to downsize to something more charming and affordable and I HATE living on the golf course. I have no privacy and the kids are at risk for being hit by golfballs. :) I love my house, it's beautiful....but maybe not exactly what I want.

Isn't this charming and oh so cute?

I think so. And yes, maybe I do like to move...Ha.


Becca said...

Happy Birthday! I love that house, it is so charming, you are right! The next house we buy is definitely going to have some charm, I can't WAIT! I hope your lake house sells!!!

ps- thanks for putting up with me and my blog changes :D

April said...

Happy Birthday!
So sweet about your Grandmother - mine does the same thing!!! She never tells me I'm too old, either :) LOVE HER!!
Hope you have a good day!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."