The closing of one chapter, the beginning of another!

Hopefully my internet is really fixed this time. Really, ya'll when I can't get on the internet I get a little panicky. (Sad, huh?) The internet man came out today and moved the radio so hopefully I can pick up a better signal. On to other things...

Friday we closed on our lake house. It is no longer ours. It's gone! While it was a huge financial burden, part of me is a little sad. I remember the fun times the kids had there. Hopefully it is going to be a great vacation home for another family.

Onto the new chapter, we just bought 23 acres!!! And, we have started the process of building a new house. Hopefully the excavating will begin next week. Building a house seems scary but exciting at the same time. (I can see arguements in my head.) I am sure it will be fun and stressful. In order to build a house the size we are building, we have to cut some corners to be able to afford it all. The land is Scotty's dream. It sits next to a hunting club, and he wants to be able to hunt in his own yard. (Imagine that.) We are going to have 5 bedrooms, which means all kids will have their own room, and we can have a guest room! We have never had a guest room!! We are going to go with concrete floors (SOoo easy to clean and oh so pretty!) And concrete countertops in the kitchen. We have already picked our siding colors, paint colors, hardware, garage door...pretty much everything. I am excited!

A shot of the land:

Happy Tuesday to all!!!!


Ashley Ederington said...

i was getting worried about you!

we just picked out our floor plan last week, and we are also going with the concrete floor and counter tops. they are soooooooo easy to maintain and are beautiful! only 4 bedrooms for us (we don't have that many kiddos)


Tiffany said...

I stumbled on your blog and enjoyed reading it. That view in your photo is just breath taking!

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."