We had a really busy weekend. Friday was the closing program for VBS 2009. After that we went and took the kids and rode 4-wheelers. We cooked hambugers out on the grill and hung out with family. On Saturday, we went to West Memphis for Scotty's family reunion...(It was WAAAYYY too hot for a family reunion.) There were flies all over the food. Nothing like potato salad with eggs in it soaking up the hot sun. (EWWWW.) I can not eat food like that after it has sat out in the hot sun. The kids were miserable and ready to go! We came back home and went and rode 4-wheelers again that night until late. The kids love doing that. On Sunday, we cooked lunch outside at Scotty's couins house. I don't think I ate one meal inside all weekend. (therefore I didn't eat very much, which is good! Ha!) The kids swam in the river, which actually felt like warm bathwater. Today has been a day where we have just sat inside and done much of nothing. We went and looked at some property. We have decided to build and the house plans and the builder ready to go. We are narrowing down the property choices...it's between 22 acres and 12.6 acres. I am really excited about building a house, we have never done it before. Our house is going to be very family friendly and have 5 bedrooms so I am really excited about that. I think the heat is getting to the kids, they have been WILD all day......
I don't really feel like posting alot of pics, but here are a few of my kiddos at the reunion..


For some reason. I can't post a pic of Caden--it won't let me upload. I will have to try again later.

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