Take 3

I deleted the post I had posted about this last night, because I didn't feel right posting it. However, I feel kinda vested in the situation...
I am re-writing this....again. (Take 3)
Just want to say that I am praying for her and that it is really unfortunate that this happened. I have suspected blog scam from the get-go.
The most important thing is that we all spent time praying for this girl, and what we thought was right. She still needs our prayers, because she obviously has issues and is hurting....she was reaching out for attention, not just monentary gain. I fully believe that.
She needs our prayers.

Anyhow, enough of that! Did anyone have anything yummy for dinner tonight? I had a grilled chicken and provolone sandwich with tomato soup..I love tomato soup! I love dunking my sammich in it! My kids ate pizza rolls and cheetos. (Sorry, I am not perfect and sometimes it just happens!) I LOOOOVE to cook, just haven't felt like it in a couple of weeks. Now, I am chilling with my kiddos watching 18 kids and counting that I DVR'd earlier..my kiddos love the Duggar's. They sit so quietly and watch every episode. Tomorrow I was planning on getting out and doing something fun with the kids, but I hear the storms a coming. I thought Arkansas was already rained out!!! Oh, well.

Have a Good Night!!!!


God's girl said...

I appreciate your willingness not to slam Beccah anymore than what she has been already. It obviously doesn't change what she did, but she's still a person and DEFINITELY needs our prayers after all that unfolded in the last 24 hours. It's hard to see through one's own pain in order to see the image of that person through Christ. I was basically googling trying to find more answers, as my heart breaks for her and those she hurt, and your blog came up. I wish other people, especially Christians, would take 2 or 3 takes, before making their final post. I am amazed at all the hurtful stuff out there right now...

Anyway, sorry, just needed to "dump" I guess. Respectful post...

Melody said...

Hey, I too know all about the April Rose scam but I didn't want to comment on that. I wanted to comment because you are from Arkansas and so am I :). I live in Oklahoma now though. I just love meeting new friends from the blog world who love Jesus :)

TriNi - make money online free said...

I just happened to be googling about this girl and I found your blog :) Just had to say nice layout and cute kids.

As far as the blogger is concerned. It's a sad case.. I hope she faces the righteous consequences but I agree with you that she does need prayers.. cuz it takes something really mental to do something like that.

Nice blog :)

"We can cry with hope, we can grieve with hope, because we believe with hope.."